Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

There was no denying the fact that, Manchester Orchestra’s last album, Simple Math, was an interesting one.


Emotive lyrics about Andy Hull’s life truly presented us with an album of a man opening up.


With that came the success, and there was absolutely no denying them it due to how much quality that album actually was.


And with Pensacola still ringing in our ears, Manchester Orchestra have released the single Top Notch.


It’s interesting; this song is an exact mixture between what was Everything to Nothing and Simple Math.


There is an undeniable swagger about the guitar, it’s poppy but emotive, strong but shows Hull’s human weaknesses, lyrically speaking of course.


Also, Hull’s vocals are fantastic, the overdubbing of them was a master stroke as it some how manages to still make them more powerful.


As always it’s atmospheric too and this works both ways as it leads you to think what will the album be like?


And of course as a very self deprecating DIY band, Top Notch is in fact free to stream and download, here:


6 women in indie music that you’d like to take to Nando’s.

So, my girlfriend has left me to on my own whilst she is in Eastern Europe for a week.

Seeing couples out on dates, being happy and generally mithering me with the exchanging of gifts and well, saliva, today especially, gave me an idea.

I thought to myself, what women in indie music would I like to take on a date?

Low and behold, here are 6 women that you would like to take to Nando’s or various other “first-date destinations”:

1. Annie Erin Clark (St. Vincent)

She’s just outrageously strange. Her best single has to be “Cruel” taken off of her third album “Strange Mercy” the sampling of that melody, along with the guitar riff makes me want to dance and hoover the floor at the same time. Not only can she write a good song she can damn sure play guitar.


2. Hannah Reid (London Grammar)

I don’t really like London Grammar, she just looks like the type of girl who likes Nando’s.


3. Kate Nash

Since the release of her first single “Foundations” Kate Nash has always been known for how pretty she is. Much like Annie Erin Clark she has now became outrageously strange. But at the same time, she is quite the cool gal, constantly rated highly in the contradictory “Cool list” created by the whizz kids down at the NME office.


Having been in a relationship with Ryan Jarman for some time (but recently broken up). Kate Nash could be considered the personification of an “Indie Cindie”.

4. The whole of Deap Valley

Any girl group sporting a similar sound to that of Jack White and subsequently, The White Stripes are just worth noting. Not only are they both enjoyable aesthetically but both amazing musicians. Songs such as “Gonna Make My Own Money” can be found on sound tracks to adverts from Lynx and TV programmes like Made in Chelsea.



5. Anna Prior (Metronomy)

She’s a drummer, which is cool, and little do a lot of people know, but she’s a fantastic singer. My knowledge on Metronomy is not massive but I saw them in Manchester on a NME awards tour (back in the day), she sang a song and I was very impressed.


6. Mariko Doi (Yuck)

I love Yuck, I like girls who play bass. It’s almost too stereotypical to enjoy the fact that a band clearly as hip as Yuck actually have an Asian chick playing the bass (It’s almost as if the same guy who wrote “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World” made this band, like got the group together and was like you four should totally make a band), it is indeed almost laughable. But it’s laughable to the point where you eventually turn around and think she’s actually hot. They just released their second album “Glow and Behold” go enjoy it, I did. 



Peace Cover Wham’s Christmas Classic – “Last Christmas”.

Peace Cover Wham’s Christmas Classic – “Last Christmas”.

Amidst the first night of their winter tour; Peace decided to cover the Christmas classic; “Last Christmas”.


The boys are playing a series of dates in the early stages of December 2013, including two nights at the iconic Shephard’s Bush in London.


Peace will play:

Nottingham, Rock City (November 29)
Glasgow, QMU (30)
Newcastle, Hoult’s Yard (December 1)
Leeds, Metropolitan University (2)
Liverpool, East Village Arts Club (3)
Oxford, O2 Academy (5)
London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire (6)
London, O2 Shepherds Bush Empire (7)
Portsmouth, Pyramid (8)
Norwich, Waterfront (10)
Manchester, Ritz (11)
Birmingham, University Anson Rooms (12)
Birmingham, O2 Academy (13)

In support are Yorkshire duo Drenge sporting their mash-up of Blues and Grunge.


The tour has already started yet most dates haven’t yet sold out. But, much like one of the golden tickets to get into the Chocolate Factory, I am one of the very lucky few who have got hold of one.


Get the remainder of tickets here:


Read more here:

The 1975 – Girls (New Release)

Yesterday The 1975, a band that was still pretty much un-heard of this time last year, released a video for the fourth single “Girls” of their eponymous debut album. “Girls” taking listeners back to the 80’s with its jangly guitars and slick rhythms showcases something much more than just a mood change in lead singer Matthew Healy. This single is the second from the album to be filmed in colour, after a year of being in the spotlight and Healy claiming that his band’s “art” was more “subjective” due to its colour drained aesthetics this is clearly quite interesting as this single’s video has an air of Katy Perry’s hit single “California Gurls”. The electric blue, red, yellow and pink colours shown throughout the video would suggest that the band have sold out, but, if you listen to what Healy is saying at the beginning of the video; “It needs to be in black and white for a start” – this suggests it’s all a part of Healy’s “persona”. However, apart from this contradiction in aesthetics that purposely throws off fans. That have and do continue complain about this change. The song is actually well-crafted and easy to listen to. Adam Hann once again going below radar yet providing some lovely guitar licks to really make the song become what it’s meant to be. Ross Macdonald, another band member whose efforts go below radar. But, he essentially gives the song depth with his dare I say funky bassline. And again Healy with his annoying yet irresistible voice offering up some quotable lyrics that teenage boys will be tweeting for years to come.

All in all a strong, yet strange, release given the other singles from the band. Probably a new favourite amongst other fans, I give it 9 out of 10 and hopefully it’ll make Healy stop using the word “subjective” when relating to his music.