The LAD; a primitive species.

The LAD, a stigmatized yet friendly species is now considered the superior of the male species. The LAD can often be found presiding in flocks in the VIP section of every universities “most popular” night clubs on the “most popular” club nights in the city. I myself may often find myself indulging in some of their favourite literature such as TheLADBible or UniLAD, but whilst doing this I often wonder what’s university like for my fellow non-LADS?

I mean, though there may be a stigma on this friendly type of male, who realistically is only looking for their next Nando’s date or the next wave of banter that comes their way, what about Britain’s favourite subject; the underdog?

I had never met a LAD until I moved to university; to be completely honest I didn’t even know there was a divide. Yet after almost two years at my university, it’s becoming clearer.

I introduce the non-LAD, never afraid of body hair, often chubby because their obsession with the gym and protein shake is non-existent and can often be seen wandering around campus with their “wingmen” or the people more formally known as their friends.

The non-lad struggles with university nights out as Freshers commences, the togas come out and the non-LAD begins to sweat. He wonders what kind of fresh hell he has entered. Why stumble out of your favourite nightclub at 2am in nothing less than a bed sheet wrapped around your torso?

And when Freshers has finally finished the wrong way hat brigade is still out in the streets offering leaflets to their one word, three syllables named club night. The LAD will often engage in conversation and build a relationship so their over-expensive VIP reputation can be held in tact for future events. Whilst this conversation continues the inferior non-LAD does his best to avoid eye-contact with the leaflet bearing macho men.

Not that my university is any different to anyone’s but the small size of the campus means that interaction with the LAD is natural on a daily basis, and at one point I looked forward to hearing about how many girls they may have “necked” last night, but now I’m coming to the latter stages of my degree and early stages of adulthood (YEAH, FREEDOM) I look for more stimulating conversation about art or even politics.

This isn’t a complaint about LAD culture, no, it’s a cry for help. If you’re a LAD, think of your fellow non-LAD, don’t ask him if he’s gay (we get that a lot) ask him something interesting. He may even go to Nando’s with you if all goes well.


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