An open letter to Hollywood.

Dear Hollywood,

Why are you spoiling the wonderful and illustrious art form of film? Years and years of history are now being deemed, literally, a complete waste of time. Why are you making shoddy remakes of films such as Ghostbusters, Jumanji and completely pillaging the Marvel franchise?

I’m a student, I love films, I love lying in bed, writing the day off and watching them until my eyes see lights when I close them. But this lazy approach to films is burdening me with sheer distaste for the art form. The latest film I watched was a Zach Braff film ‘Wish I Was Here’. I like Zach Braff, he’s very good at what he does. I actually liked the film, too. Not because it was an independent but because it’s nothing I have seen before.

Why are films becoming awfully similar to one another? Where has the magic gone? What’s funny is the blockbuster comedy film ‘This Is The End’, which presumably made millions based on the cast alone, pointed fun at this. Your own minions are aware of your awful, bland recreations of films.

But this isn’t just affecting the American film industry. Franchises in England are now being absolutely pillaged for the sake of money and money alone. The Shane Meadows film This Is England, which was brilliant, undoubtedly a classic of its time, has now reached its third TV series. THIRD series. THREE series after the film. The film was brilliant. Admittedly at times the series hAS been moving. Brilliant? Absolutely not at all. Innovative? More like disinteresting.

The screen industry appears to be forgetting that they are an art form. Art evokes culture. But repeatedly shoving the same art down the masses of unbeknownst audience members = a regurgitated culture. The mad cow disease of culture. If we keep digesting the same culture constantly we will fail to have any real genuine pop culture movements. No wonder the last real pop culture movement in England was in the early 2000s spurred on by the indie-pop-guitar-music floor fillers like Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out.

I suppose you could say this is the next pop culture movement. The Movement in which everybody did all the same things and copied each other and virtuosos are shunned because they literally think outside of the box. Or would it be the cycle? Probably would be the cycle.

I digress, If you’re a student, like me, you will be familiar with how genuinely good their cult classics section is. Funnily enough, all these cult classics don’t have sequels or prequels; some of them aren’t even made from books. Most of them are just films, organically made films.

Hollywood, have you ever heard the saying “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it?”. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP FIXING THINGS.


Every film lover there is out there.


“Look at my Snapchat story”

Since the age of 16 I’ve always had a job. It all started with labouring for my friend’s dad, but once I realised I was awful at it I got myself a job in the catering sector. A sector of work which, for the most part, I thoroughly enjoy working in. You’re always meeting new people, having conversations and with staff turnover, making new friends every couple of months – it’s actually really rewarding at times, too.

But you know what does my head in massively, amidst all the people asking for a booth, or just being a bit shitty? It’s seeing couples who have came, assuming they’re happy (not always the case, I witnessed a break-up not so long ago), to spend some time together and generally enjoy each other’s company, to just sit there on their phone s the whole time. In fact, the most contact one may see them having is when their food arrives, they look up make brief eye contact and proceed to eat their meals. W H Y ARE YOU TOGETHER?

But this is not something I hate watching happen between couples, I hate seeing it full stop. Why is it that in this day and age that even when taking part in a social event, people feel the need to constantly check their social media to see what is going on? When, you know, they could actually be socialising with their friend that is literally right there, right in front of them. But then again, I say this as if their friend themselves isn’t on their phone. It’s massively frustrating.

Now don’t get me wrong I too indulge in the world of social media, I thoroughly used to enjoy telling people what I’m up to, until I realised, that unless it’s funny at your own expense, nobody gives a shit. But I digress, my point is, why is it that people these days would rather tweet about what they’re doing than actually do it.

The worst thing is, I myself saw the error of my ways and started to realise not only how stupid it is, but how just plain rude it is. I wonder, what if these people haven’t saw each other in years and in a way of reigniting an old friendship the meet up, and then just sit there on their phones the whole time. What even is the point?

What’s strange is the social convention of “One second sorry, I’ve got a text” – you’re saying that to a person that you are actually talking to at that moment in time, so really shouldn’t you finish your conversation and then continue the conversation you’re having via text? I’m ashamed that looking back upon the great generations before us and possibly after us, there will be us, the true grey area. People will call us the Snapchat generation; the generation that were just really fucking rude.