We’re vegetarians, not arseholes.

You know what’s really infuriating; the extreme vegans and vegetarians attacking people who eat meat but are doing their bit for animal rights. In the newest breach of animal rights which has seen Cecil the Lion unfortunately trophy hunted by Walter Palmer an American dentist, English comedian, Ricky Gervais has spoken up and used his fame for a worthwhile cause.

The issue is, Vegetarians and Vegans everywhere don’t like this. Why? Because Ricky Gervais eats meat. Seriously? This massive celebrity is doing his bit for a cause you truly believe in, gathering genuine followers and propelling it into the mainstream – something which has never really been done – and you’re complaining about it because he eats meat.

Now, don’t get me wrong I get that it is somewhat hypocritical for someone who eats meat to point the finger. But it doesn’t make his point obsolete. Trophy hunting is an awful sport, the fact that humans hunt animals for nothing other than for the pleasure of it is not only cruel but it’s also just a bit weird. Like why would you want to do that? The weirdest part is, those animals that are hunted down are sedated days earlier to make it easier – so really there is no point. Other than to fill your own head with false pretences of how dominant you really are.

This, like Fox Hunting, has been going on for years. Fortunately one of them is banned. With all things there is a natural opposite and that would be the likes of Vegetarians and Vegans protesting against this form of hunting with the use of the organisation PETA. But most of the time it’s to no avail. Now though there is a genuinely big personality spearheading our cause and you want to shoot him down.

The ironic thing is, he’s not even campaigning against eating meat, he’s campaigning against trophy hunting. Trophy hunting. I’m not saying that he is doing this to help us: he’s doing it for a genuine cause, our cause. Being vegetarian doesn’t give any of us the right to shoot down anyone who is a meat eater. If people join our cause, cool. If not, then if they’re helping us, what’s the problem?

Obviously we would all like to live in a world of vegetarians so that the wonderful species that live among us could live in peace. But we don’t, eating meat doesn’t make someone evil, it just means they have chosen a different lifestyle than us, something we don’t have any control over.

Ricky Gervais being a meat eater doesn’t make his point obsolete, it makes it hypocritical at most. We’re vegetarians, not arseholes.


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