Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse could actually be worse


As far as my career as a reader goes, well it doesn’t, I do enjoy a good comical read. As I was looking to take a break from my current read of Lorrie Moore’s wonderfully comical and dark collection of short stories in Bark I decided I needed something satirical, human and incredibly witty.

The book opens with a brief summation of the current state of the UK from the financial issues through to the current government and how they are, to be quite frank, a shower of shite.

The book picks all the “worst” things in the country and pulls them apart to affirm the fact that thinking about does only make it worse. The way Mitchell makes a mockery of even the smallest of details of pop culture itself is fascinating.

Something that will particularly resonate with the reader is how human it all is. The way in which Mitchell will express some fairly complex political issues but dumbs them down for even the dimmest of readers is almost impeccable.

The closing paragraphs even offer a jest about how books are often made so the author can sell more of their original trade as he jokingly puts “Maybe I should have talked about the Peep Show more.” That being said, during his rants it’s hard not to hear the voice of his beloved character Mark Corrigan whilst he makes his points clear in his own sarcastic way.

Mitchell’s intellect also means that whilst reading his book you will learn a few things, often about economics, sometimes about the monarch, but mostly about History and some of the bitesize facts he will throw in for good measure. Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse is perfect for the every day Private Eye reader; it’s the perfectly weighted and easily digestible snippets of writing that makes it not only an easy read but something worthwhile.


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