Take – Two Glass Horses (New Release)

From the ashes of the band that were Midnight Playground, come a new band and another fine export from Liverpool; Two Glass Horses.

With no need of an introduction the song starts immediately, with a thunderous riff but an ever so gentle lead guitar riff over the top.

But as soon as you think you have the band pinned down, the whole mood of the song changes, with a difference in timing as well as rhythm, the song then jumps into another styling.

This time an ascending riff, with very large sounding distorted tones, to then welcome you into the chorus.

Now, the choruses of Midnight Playground’s songs always started gentle to then take you into a huge riff ridden explosion of sounds. That is a trait that I’m very glad to hear has remained in their song-writing formula.

Take, is a song that puts you through your paces. An ever-changing backdrop of moods that are portrayed by the guitar riffs used.

Take some time and give them a listen here, you shan’t be disappointed;


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