Jamie T – Don’t You Find

Jamie T, the South London lad. He’s been missing for some time now, 4 years to be exact.

But the troubadour, the man of the people is back and with something very different.

After announcing three small shows in Glasgow, Liverpool and Portsmouth he announced another show in London, due to how quickly his tickets ran out they almost seemed non-existent.

Firstly to answer the question on everyone’s lips; is this track worth the wait?

A resounding yes.

As evident in some moments off his second album, Kings & Queens, Jamie T can write some really heartfelt stuff when he wants to (Emily’s Heart being the main example), which is a great difference to songs off his first album, Panic Prevention, such as Back in the Game and Pacemaker.

His new single entitled Don’t You Find starts off with some very grimey bass, in the back of the track, and the introduction of the main hook where Jamie softly sings the lines “Don’t you find, some of the time, there is always some one on your mind”.

Now, there are rumours that he has been living in New York whilst being ridiculously quiet and if that is the matter you can almost hear the American influence with an almost Imagine Dragons – Radioactive sound in the middle 8, and an American influence in the production of the whole track.

But what is really most enjoyable about this track, is the amount of layered vocals there are. You can hear him going right out of his own range on the backing track.

Clearly Jamie T, has once again given his fans something to make the almost endless wait worthwhile, this track is atmospheric, creepy, in some parts bizarre but it’s all done simply and ridiculously well.

He’s back and I personally welcome his new album with open arms if this single is anything to go by.


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