boxboxbox – Dive EP

My education in techno is very little to say the least. Though I am partial to the odd beat of the pretentiously named “Deep House” and can probably name four songs by Calvin Harris, Techno is still yet to be a subject of which I have picked up on extensively.

One thing I do know, is good music, I’d like to think I have a good taste don’t we all? So when one of the very kind people from Manchester Techno Trio boxboxbox sent me their EP entitled Dive, I felt my theory was if anything proved right.

The opening bars of Signals, with the looped piano and very softly sun vocals being sung over the top do set the tone for the EP. But the slow emergence of the beat at the end shows the two sides to boxboxbox, one of the great clichés of this genre of music is knowing when to “drop the bass” but it’s actually hard to do successfully and instantly within one track it’s clear that boxboxbox are more than aware of how to do it.

Second track, Chelonics, takes you right to the balcony of a hotel in Ibiza in the 1990’s, the song has a great sound and a wonderful beat. It’s one of the only tracks on the album that does not focus heavily on the vocals but the song is eclectic enough as it is and less is more after all.

The two tracks I GET WET and In Waves cool you down with some very mellow beats, but much like the other tracks they still keep you interested. I GET WET is almost like the ballad of the EP, the singer getting most of the attention and deservedly so as she appears to have a good set of pipes. In Waves teases you with the anticipation of a big beat at the end yet can only offer you a fade out.

Final track moonisgreaterthansun brings the EP to a very downbeat close, with the vocals for only the second time being the main part of the song, and it is overall a great performance.

The brilliance of boxboxbox, is that their songs aren’t your usual beefy techno songs, rather than that they have so much high tone in them that they almost seem fragile, like the song could break.

Get it for free here:


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