Liverpool club night, Liquidation, finds a new humble abode.

As far as my favourite club nights go, the list is very short, mostly because Liquidation really made my expectations of what makes a good club night immeasurable.


But, now that Liquidation’s home, Le Bateau, has seen its last days to become student accommodation Liquidation has found itself a new home and where else better than HeebieJeebies Basement, Seel St.


To those who aren’t aware of what Liquidation is, Liquidation is by far one of the greatest alternative club nights in Liverpool. Playing music that is spanning from The Cure to Kate Bush, David Bowie to Foals and not to forget OMD.


Liquidation is also quite a popular haunt for some of the cities successful musician as both Dave McCabe (The Zutons) and Matthew Murphy (The Wombats) have been known to enjoy a good shindig in there. But that doesn’t matter, because as time has wore on Liquidation locals have became a community and fame is nothing more than an ideal once you step through them doors.


If you fancy dancing to music that isn’t shit and in the top 40 as well as making friends with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, get down to Liquidation in HeebieJeebies basement on the 19th July. For what it’s worth I will definitely be there. 


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