The Bulletproof Bomb

The Bulletproof Bomb

I was in The Boileroom in Guildford waiting for another astounding set to be played by Catfish and The Bottlemen but a band that really caught my attention was the five-piece support act known as The Bulletproof Bomb.


The polarising nature of having the optimism of The Maccabees but the cynicism of Jamie T give the band an upbeat, emotion filled angsty sound that really grabs you buy the collar and asks for your lunch money.


Songs such as Shoes and Suitcase had the crowd bouncing as though they were seeing The Sex Pistols for their third time.


Where as the very modest sounding Spacemen offers up a different angle, more emphasise on the beat means there is an instant sway in the song, nice harmonies too.


If you want a concoction of social realism with an upbeat sound to dance to, The Bulletproof Bomb is probably your type of band.



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