Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends

Have you ever just let Soundcloud play your recommended tracks? If not, don’t worry it’s understandable it can become a bit irritating.


But, on the odd occasion when you do, don’t you just find yourself a little treat?


The band Fickle Friends came up after I was listening to a recently blogged about band and I was more than pleasantly surprised by their, shape throwing yet soothing sound.


The Single S W I M was what was brought to my intention and immediately I found myself thinking about The 1975 and AlunaGeorge.


Their love of the 80s is evident in the chalky tones of their guitars and the erratic synth line in the back of the track.


The kind of singing of one line without pausing for a breath is similar to that of The 1975 – Girls.


The vocalist sounds an awful lot like Aluna of AlunaGeorge with the East-London sass and lyrical matter.


If you’re looking for a more guitar driven version of AlunaGeorge (I often am), I think you may have found them in Brighton 5 piece Fickle Friends.



Enjoy their new wave grooves here:


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