Lives, a musical entity.

Lives, a musical entity.

The Californian waves of over ridden drum cymbals are a keen thing to the ear of every indie-pop fan.


Liverpool based band, Lives, are certainly proving to be a treat in that respect.


Having released only two songs on Soundcloud and a very secretive Twitter account, Lives aren’t giving us much to go on.


But, the songs released do tell us something; this band is energetic, loud and catchy as fuck.


White Lies, sounding like it has been written by a more musically intelligent version of The Vaccines (if they knew anything more than just four chords, a clean tone and a distorted tone).


The singer’s croaky vocals makes the song all the more human, it’s different to the usual clean preference of the modern indie band.


Short Memory, starting very abrasively with an all out beginning, does give your eardrums a kick.


The Cali wave in the ride of the cymbals adds to the bounce of the verse. The classic pre-chorus break down as a bridge almost gives this song the feeling that you have heard it a million times before.


The also devastatingly catchy lyrics in the chorus (You say all the right things/ but always at the wrong times/ have you only come here just to ruin my night) will drive you mad, but in all of the good ways of course.


Another small piece of information that is clear is that they are supporting More Than Conquerors on the 29th May in Korova, Liverpool as their debut gig (or so I think).


Give them a listen and help figure out who they are!



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