Treehouse – Newsham Park clean up.

Treehouse – Newsham Park clean up.

As a young boy growing up in Liverpool it was never any secret the struggles that an inner city community such as Tuebrook face daily due to the stereotypes and connotations.


Sometimes taken with a pinch of salt, Tuebrook is built around a large area of grassland known as Newsham Park.


The place has seemed a bit derelict in recent years, but with the new buzz about the city, the more liberal personality and bohemian aspect, It’s hard to ignore the on going rejuvenation projects such as the Newsham Park clean-up by the group known as Treehouse.


On the 10th May, Treehouse will undertake a large litter-picking project in Newsham Park to give a culturally diverse part of the city, such as Tuebrook, somewhere to go and enjoy one of the very few nature heavy aspects of the city.


A press release given by the group stated that;


“Helpers from other places in Liverpool, such as Croxteth, and further afield in Wales and London have been inspired to help out.  Some are coming on the day giving testimony to Tuebrook’s charisma and capacity.”


Rejuvenation projects such as this highlight the cities coming togetherness and the general personality that Liverpool, unbeknownst to the outside world, has.


If you are around get down to the event and help the people out you never know you might meet the love of your life whilst picking a Mars bar wrapper up…


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