How’s Harry – The Letter

How’s Harry – The Letter

Brighton quartet How’s Harry released a debut EP, The Letter, about ten months ago and sadly I seem to have only just got word of it.


Regardless of my bad timing, How’s Harry’s debut is definitely timeless.


Opening track Fire starts with a slightly unforgiving on the ears twangy guitar riff but then opens up the track to a sound that can be likened to that of the enthusiasm of early Two Door Cinema Club, the lyrical honesty of The Kooks and the vibrancy of Little Comets.


Second track, Othello, starts with a wavey guitar riff very similar to that of Foals – Heavy Water leading into an erratic math rock verse, straight into a punchy chorus, exclaiming something is like the Shakespearian tragedy, Othello.


Third track, Owl, is easily the band’s moment of brilliance, all members really coming into their own, especially lead vocalist Ike Foulkes. The swagger of the beat and the lyrics, the reverb heavy melody, the lead guitars repetitive riff and the sad swing in the proverbial step of the whole song makes you think of no other than The Neighbourhood.


Pen ultimate track, Habit, again starting with a guitar riff but this time with the effect chorus is arguably the heaviest of the EP, whilst it also plays on Foulkes’ insecurities lyrically (I get jealous/ but she don’t). The punchy chorus is the ever present here but the also more experimental breaks in this song offer the most interesting of listens during the whole EP.


Lastly the title track, The Letter, starts very modestly and reminds the listener largely of Jack Penate – Torn On The Platform. The atmospheric screeches of the guitar in the background are relatable to that of The Wild Mercury Sound (R.I.P).


Another great example of why Brighton is still considered one of the best musical hubs of Great Britain, and with every song as quotable as the next, it’s easy to understand why exactly How’s Harry cut the mustard.


Have a listen here:


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