Not My Girlfriend – VYNCE (New Release)

Not My Girlfriend – VYNCE (New Release)

Merseyside quartet VYNCE have released yet another superb single, entitled Not My Girlfriend.


Differently to their earlier release, April Showers, Not My Girlfriend is much more to the point.


Similarly however, the minimalist sound is the ever-present.


This song draws on further influences, the drive of The 1975, the exaggerated beats of Bombay Bicycle Club and Foals all brought together nicely by the tones and harmonised riffs of Peace, specifically Wraith.


Lead singer, Peter Pegasiou’s flirtatiousness with the lead guitar to provide the vocal melody is also evident, as much as it was in their earlier single.


Lyrically speaking the band have taken a step out of the classic heart on the sleeve genre to just plain and simple catchy, which for this song is nothing short of necessary.


The band do take some time to release material, but giving such worthy end products is nothing short of a fair excuse.


Well done lads.



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