Liverpool club night, Liquidation, finds a new humble abode.

As far as my favourite club nights go, the list is very short, mostly because Liquidation really made my expectations of what makes a good club night immeasurable.


But, now that Liquidation’s home, Le Bateau, has seen its last days to become student accommodation Liquidation has found itself a new home and where else better than HeebieJeebies Basement, Seel St.


To those who aren’t aware of what Liquidation is, Liquidation is by far one of the greatest alternative club nights in Liverpool. Playing music that is spanning from The Cure to Kate Bush, David Bowie to Foals and not to forget OMD.


Liquidation is also quite a popular haunt for some of the cities successful musician as both Dave McCabe (The Zutons) and Matthew Murphy (The Wombats) have been known to enjoy a good shindig in there. But that doesn’t matter, because as time has wore on Liquidation locals have became a community and fame is nothing more than an ideal once you step through them doors.


If you fancy dancing to music that isn’t shit and in the top 40 as well as making friends with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, get down to Liquidation in HeebieJeebies basement on the 19th July. For what it’s worth I will definitely be there. 


The Bulletproof Bomb

The Bulletproof Bomb

I was in The Boileroom in Guildford waiting for another astounding set to be played by Catfish and The Bottlemen but a band that really caught my attention was the five-piece support act known as The Bulletproof Bomb.


The polarising nature of having the optimism of The Maccabees but the cynicism of Jamie T give the band an upbeat, emotion filled angsty sound that really grabs you buy the collar and asks for your lunch money.


Songs such as Shoes and Suitcase had the crowd bouncing as though they were seeing The Sex Pistols for their third time.


Where as the very modest sounding Spacemen offers up a different angle, more emphasise on the beat means there is an instant sway in the song, nice harmonies too.


If you want a concoction of social realism with an upbeat sound to dance to, The Bulletproof Bomb is probably your type of band.


Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends

Have you ever just let Soundcloud play your recommended tracks? If not, don’t worry it’s understandable it can become a bit irritating.


But, on the odd occasion when you do, don’t you just find yourself a little treat?


The band Fickle Friends came up after I was listening to a recently blogged about band and I was more than pleasantly surprised by their, shape throwing yet soothing sound.


The Single S W I M was what was brought to my intention and immediately I found myself thinking about The 1975 and AlunaGeorge.


Their love of the 80s is evident in the chalky tones of their guitars and the erratic synth line in the back of the track.


The kind of singing of one line without pausing for a breath is similar to that of The 1975 – Girls.


The vocalist sounds an awful lot like Aluna of AlunaGeorge with the East-London sass and lyrical matter.


If you’re looking for a more guitar driven version of AlunaGeorge (I often am), I think you may have found them in Brighton 5 piece Fickle Friends.



Enjoy their new wave grooves here:

Lives, a musical entity.

Lives, a musical entity.

The Californian waves of over ridden drum cymbals are a keen thing to the ear of every indie-pop fan.


Liverpool based band, Lives, are certainly proving to be a treat in that respect.


Having released only two songs on Soundcloud and a very secretive Twitter account, Lives aren’t giving us much to go on.


But, the songs released do tell us something; this band is energetic, loud and catchy as fuck.


White Lies, sounding like it has been written by a more musically intelligent version of The Vaccines (if they knew anything more than just four chords, a clean tone and a distorted tone).


The singer’s croaky vocals makes the song all the more human, it’s different to the usual clean preference of the modern indie band.


Short Memory, starting very abrasively with an all out beginning, does give your eardrums a kick.


The Cali wave in the ride of the cymbals adds to the bounce of the verse. The classic pre-chorus break down as a bridge almost gives this song the feeling that you have heard it a million times before.


The also devastatingly catchy lyrics in the chorus (You say all the right things/ but always at the wrong times/ have you only come here just to ruin my night) will drive you mad, but in all of the good ways of course.


Another small piece of information that is clear is that they are supporting More Than Conquerors on the 29th May in Korova, Liverpool as their debut gig (or so I think).


Give them a listen and help figure out who they are!


Treehouse – Newsham Park clean up.

Treehouse – Newsham Park clean up.

As a young boy growing up in Liverpool it was never any secret the struggles that an inner city community such as Tuebrook face daily due to the stereotypes and connotations.


Sometimes taken with a pinch of salt, Tuebrook is built around a large area of grassland known as Newsham Park.


The place has seemed a bit derelict in recent years, but with the new buzz about the city, the more liberal personality and bohemian aspect, It’s hard to ignore the on going rejuvenation projects such as the Newsham Park clean-up by the group known as Treehouse.


On the 10th May, Treehouse will undertake a large litter-picking project in Newsham Park to give a culturally diverse part of the city, such as Tuebrook, somewhere to go and enjoy one of the very few nature heavy aspects of the city.


A press release given by the group stated that;


“Helpers from other places in Liverpool, such as Croxteth, and further afield in Wales and London have been inspired to help out.  Some are coming on the day giving testimony to Tuebrook’s charisma and capacity.”


Rejuvenation projects such as this highlight the cities coming togetherness and the general personality that Liverpool, unbeknownst to the outside world, has.


If you are around get down to the event and help the people out you never know you might meet the love of your life whilst picking a Mars bar wrapper up…

How’s Harry – The Letter

How’s Harry – The Letter

Brighton quartet How’s Harry released a debut EP, The Letter, about ten months ago and sadly I seem to have only just got word of it.


Regardless of my bad timing, How’s Harry’s debut is definitely timeless.


Opening track Fire starts with a slightly unforgiving on the ears twangy guitar riff but then opens up the track to a sound that can be likened to that of the enthusiasm of early Two Door Cinema Club, the lyrical honesty of The Kooks and the vibrancy of Little Comets.


Second track, Othello, starts with a wavey guitar riff very similar to that of Foals – Heavy Water leading into an erratic math rock verse, straight into a punchy chorus, exclaiming something is like the Shakespearian tragedy, Othello.


Third track, Owl, is easily the band’s moment of brilliance, all members really coming into their own, especially lead vocalist Ike Foulkes. The swagger of the beat and the lyrics, the reverb heavy melody, the lead guitars repetitive riff and the sad swing in the proverbial step of the whole song makes you think of no other than The Neighbourhood.


Pen ultimate track, Habit, again starting with a guitar riff but this time with the effect chorus is arguably the heaviest of the EP, whilst it also plays on Foulkes’ insecurities lyrically (I get jealous/ but she don’t). The punchy chorus is the ever present here but the also more experimental breaks in this song offer the most interesting of listens during the whole EP.


Lastly the title track, The Letter, starts very modestly and reminds the listener largely of Jack Penate – Torn On The Platform. The atmospheric screeches of the guitar in the background are relatable to that of The Wild Mercury Sound (R.I.P).


Another great example of why Brighton is still considered one of the best musical hubs of Great Britain, and with every song as quotable as the next, it’s easy to understand why exactly How’s Harry cut the mustard.


Have a listen here:

Not My Girlfriend – VYNCE (New Release)

Not My Girlfriend – VYNCE (New Release)

Merseyside quartet VYNCE have released yet another superb single, entitled Not My Girlfriend.


Differently to their earlier release, April Showers, Not My Girlfriend is much more to the point.


Similarly however, the minimalist sound is the ever-present.


This song draws on further influences, the drive of The 1975, the exaggerated beats of Bombay Bicycle Club and Foals all brought together nicely by the tones and harmonised riffs of Peace, specifically Wraith.


Lead singer, Peter Pegasiou’s flirtatiousness with the lead guitar to provide the vocal melody is also evident, as much as it was in their earlier single.


Lyrically speaking the band have taken a step out of the classic heart on the sleeve genre to just plain and simple catchy, which for this song is nothing short of necessary.


The band do take some time to release material, but giving such worthy end products is nothing short of a fair excuse.


Well done lads.