Say Anything – Six Six Six

Say Anything – Six Six Six

In recent years Say Anything’s lead singer and realistic front man, Max Bemis, has been very busy with side projects such as Max Bemis and the Painful Splits and more favourably Two Tongues (Oh and releasing his own series of pretty cool comics).


But now returning to his first venture Say Anything, he’s more experimental than ever.


He has actually managed to record a whole album without using a guitar, and lead single, Six Six Six shows that yet again the man has pulled it off.


Lyrically speaking, Six Six Six is based around his upbringing in a Jewish family, this isn’t that much of unfamiliar territory considering the lyrics written to arguably their biggest hit, Alive With The Glory Of Love, was written mostly about his Grandfather and Grandmother living in a concentration camp.


And again this shows Max Bemis in his finest hour, his loveably honest lyrical charm; his heart is most certainly on his sleeve again.


The band’s earlier stuff was very dramatic, and if you listen to their debut, …Is a Real Boy, it is very much clear that it is like a recap on Bemis’ life at that moment, struggling with drugs and depression.


This new album is going to be reflective of that, since having a child Max Bemis’ lyrics have been, much more pragmatically upbeat.


Much like their second album In Defence of the Genre, Hebrews is said to feature several singers and friends.


One of my favourite singers Andy Hull is thankfully featured on Six Six Six and it is just magnificent.


It’s clear that Say Anything are back with another very thought provoking indie/ emo/ punk/ pop/ cry album.


Enjoy Six Six Six, here:



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