Paperboy – Brighton’s answer to Paolo Nutini

Paperboy – Brighton’s answer to Paolo Nutini

Ever wonder what Paolo Nutini’s second album would have sounded like if a band from Brighton played it?


Well now you have your answer in Brighton five-piece, Paperboy.


But that’s not to say they are as one-dimensional.


Taking a slight swing at the quirky Scottish reggae through the raybans of famous Brightonian Luke Pritchard and Dulwichian Jack Penate, Paperboy offer a more solid sounding, off beat ensemble.


More focus on guitar in tracks such as, 50 years time, It’s A Lie and the eponymous single Paperboy, make the band an all round more melodic subject of the reggae genre.


Equally, vocalist Charlie Marshall’s use of pushing up the notes on the down beats shows a natural brilliance for the genre.


The over use of the sweet tone of the trumpet does not get sickening with this band neither does your love for the simplistic lyrics, compositions and easiness of the melodies.



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