Two Glass Eyes – Mend

Two Glass Eyes – Mend

I don’t know what it is with Northern Ireland and Scotland producing the best bands in Noise Rock/ Post-Hardcore.


But, a new addition to this array of brilliance would be that of Two Glass Eyes.


New single, entitled Mend, is nothing short of loud, abrasive and down right sassy.


Similar to that of More Than Conquerors, Twin Atlantic (When they were good) and Arcane Roots, Two Glass Eyes make you want to throw yourself into a circle of flailing arms and pissed off mohicans.


What’s brilliant about this band is how solidly built their sound is considering they are only a three piece.


The naivety of the riffs in Mend really take you back to Puzzles by Biffy Clyro and Scatterbrain by The Xcerts.


The almost Math-rock but with a side fringe breakdown at the end gets you by the throat and squeezes until you start to sing along.


With positivity as infectious as Dara O’ Brien’s smile in this song, it’s safe to say Two Glass Eyes of Northern-Ireland are going to be just as big as the riffs they write.


Check them out, beware they are loud.



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