Seprona – I swear it’s a band not a beer.

Seprona – I swear it’s a band not a beer.

The year of 2008 was when I was first made aware of Seprona’s frontman, Daniel Badger’s singing capability back when he was fronting his band The Vibes/ Fare Evaders.


The Liverpool music scene was filled with almost fun sounding nostalgic music, the catchy guitar riffs, wavey hair and heart-felt sentiment embedded lyrically were, well just the norm.


Six years later that general consensus of sound has shifted, yet Daniel Badger’s new frontier is clearly something that embraces them roots.


Seprona, a name that sounds like a clear-bottled-beer-brand have almost as many crisp delightful after tastes in their back catalogue.


Take The Bait, opening with a riff that sounds very similar to that of The Smiths –  Bigmouth Strikes Againyet with a little more of a swing in its step and more of an upside down frown.


But this appears to be a bit more of a darker twist on what could be a pop song with the atmospheric vibe it gives of.


It is almost as though they were thinking, ‘let’s write a song that would be played in a really subdued part of Scrubs.’


Lyrically speaking, Seprona do not differ much from The Smiths – the singer sounds a bit down.


However, it’s clear that the songs have been written acoustically due to the elongated verses, which is evident in their second track As Soon As She Knows, but this isn’t a bad song writing characteristic by any means.


The shifting of the song structure and thought provoking idea of what is the chorus or when even is the chorus is undoubtedly refreshing.


The simplicity of the chord progressions and rhythms, but the slightly off the beat song structures make Seprona, a dare I say, polarising spectacle.


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