Arcane Addiction – Lights

It’s not a known fact, but actual melodic-hardcore bands are relatively hard to come by.



In fact, any sub-genre of hardcore is pretty hard to get hold of.


It does tend to be a lot of retired hipsters finding one last outlet of ways to be different and what better way then being a sub-genre of an already niche genre?


But that is beside the point, Liverpool’s metal/ hardcore/ emo/ pop punk/ anything (that is really loud and aggressive) scene has been on the rise for some years.


And Arcane Addiction are nothing but a fine example of what will eventually be the end product.


An explosive start with lead singer Simon Mora screaming ‘They were the choices you made’ – it’s abrasive, ambiguous but just fantastic.


The guitars kick in and as it goes it’s all really loud and heavy, what you would expect, but the beatdown in the middle of the intro is sickengly melodic, it doesn’t work but it sounds so fantastic.


It’s so melodic in fact that it is very similar to the main riff in Bon Iver – Perth.


Some very stop start moments throughout the song where the band turn to the melodic roots of their genre and it’s all very strangely elegant.


Lights by Arcane Addiction is probably the only melodic hardcore song you could defy as being fragile due to how well, melodic they actually are.


The boys have hit the nail on the head here. 



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