Save St Lukes Church

Though I have never been one to go and actively experience the art that St Lukes Church, or better known as the ‘bombed out church’, has bestowed upon me and my fellow “liverpudlians”.



I completely understand the need for this place to be maintained and not changed for the sake of corporate pleasure.


A few articles have been past around by The Echo explaining how the place is looking to be sold to a “local business” by the council.


Yet, is it not the council who may be at fault as seeing another reason to make profit from this?


I know of only two major gigs to have been played there one being The Kooks who apparently agreed that the venue is beautiful.


I am not one to consistently agree with that of Yoko Ono’s views yet her tweet or retweet of The Echo’s article on “Seven Reasons Why We Should Cherish St Luke’s Liverpool Bombed Out Church.” Left me realising that the woman has some sense.


The view in Liverpool is that of those who are proud of the foundations that generations before them had built and though ‘The Bombed Out Church’ as a spectacle wasn’t decided by people before us the actual story behind it is beautiful and tragic at the same time.


The obvious pound signs that are in the eyes of Joe Anderson are massive yet he needs to understand that, if he opened this place to public events more often he would probably make a lot more money.


This place needs to be preserved in all its beauty and architectural relevance.


Save the bombed out church and sign here:


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