VYNCE – April Showers

VYNCE – April Showers


Working hard montage music hasn’t been that easy to find since the release of Thin Lizzy’s Boys Are Back In Town.

Yet, “Merseyside” four-piece, VYNCE newest single April Showers begs to differ.

The beat in this song is similar to that, of how one who does not do manual labour would imagine, of the timing of beating a nail into a piece of wood.

It appears that VYNCE have decided to follow up a similar sound to The XX, after they have taken a hand full of well-needed anti-depressants (of course).

With the minimalist sound being adopted it is truly amazing how much this band have managed to do with two different hooks.

The main one being the guitar, but also the simple yet enjoyable lyrics of frontman Peter Pegasiou.

The main hook of the lyrics being in the middle-eight, “Do you love me? Do you love me?” – though it sounds like an adolescent female is an absolute delight to listen to, sang so very well too.

It is refreshing to hear an indie band writing songs that don’t leave you reaching for the dictionary every time your favourite part comes up.

Go enjoy their bashful leopard print aesthetics, here:


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