Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

There was no denying the fact that, Manchester Orchestra’s last album, Simple Math, was an interesting one.


Emotive lyrics about Andy Hull’s life truly presented us with an album of a man opening up.


With that came the success, and there was absolutely no denying them it due to how much quality that album actually was.


And with Pensacola still ringing in our ears, Manchester Orchestra have released the single Top Notch.


It’s interesting; this song is an exact mixture between what was Everything to Nothing and Simple Math.


There is an undeniable swagger about the guitar, it’s poppy but emotive, strong but shows Hull’s human weaknesses, lyrically speaking of course.


Also, Hull’s vocals are fantastic, the overdubbing of them was a master stroke as it some how manages to still make them more powerful.


As always it’s atmospheric too and this works both ways as it leads you to think what will the album be like?


And of course as a very self deprecating DIY band, Top Notch is in fact free to stream and download, here:


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