Neptune – Deep Sea Jam

The band, Neptune, are clearly something of a brand new entity.


One tweet on Twitter, no Facebook page and absolutely no clues as to who is in the band, Deep Sea Jam, looks to be the introduction to this band.


There aren’t any vocals it is just two guitars a bass and some drums to create this very, well underwater sound.


It sounds like something a young Harrison Koisser would have thought up in his room, but would only have come to light if a stoned Spongebob, Patrick and Squidward where the counterparts of Peace.


This song though it is simple in nature is so subjective it’s annoying because it isn’t at all apparent what’s coming after this. Is there a singer? Where are they from?


This review is only short because there isn’t much that can be said other than it’s good and if you’re into your narcotics you might just find this song very sonically pleasing.




In great grunge fashion Liverpool trio, Visitors, have some attitude and with the song Just Ask Yourself it is clear this boys have some sass.


Other songs such as Radioactive and I Was Waiting portray that of a grunge band.


Yet the lead song on their Soundcloud Irritate starts with one strums of a couple of chords that sound relatively out of tune and it leads the listener to think, oh here we go “grunge” but you are rudely proved wrong once the chorus of the next song kicks in.


Radioactive begins very similar to the earlier song but offers much more.


The guitar playing on this could be likened to an early Miles Kane, it’s obvious that Callum Main has found his way with the whammy bar.


Explosive choruses with elements of the seriousness of Arctic Monkeys and Drenge but the quirkiness of The late great Fratellis pretty much sums up this band.

Arcane Addiction – Lights

It’s not a known fact, but actual melodic-hardcore bands are relatively hard to come by.



In fact, any sub-genre of hardcore is pretty hard to get hold of.


It does tend to be a lot of retired hipsters finding one last outlet of ways to be different and what better way then being a sub-genre of an already niche genre?


But that is beside the point, Liverpool’s metal/ hardcore/ emo/ pop punk/ anything (that is really loud and aggressive) scene has been on the rise for some years.


And Arcane Addiction are nothing but a fine example of what will eventually be the end product.


An explosive start with lead singer Simon Mora screaming ‘They were the choices you made’ – it’s abrasive, ambiguous but just fantastic.


The guitars kick in and as it goes it’s all really loud and heavy, what you would expect, but the beatdown in the middle of the intro is sickengly melodic, it doesn’t work but it sounds so fantastic.


It’s so melodic in fact that it is very similar to the main riff in Bon Iver – Perth.


Some very stop start moments throughout the song where the band turn to the melodic roots of their genre and it’s all very strangely elegant.


Lights by Arcane Addiction is probably the only melodic hardcore song you could defy as being fragile due to how well, melodic they actually are.


The boys have hit the nail on the head here. 


10 Things I Hate About Bristol – And Why You Should Stop Relying on Journalists to Tell You What’s Best

One of the funniest things I have read on WordPress to date. Kudos!

Miss Config

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The love for Bristol, its residents, its culture and independent spirit is unending.

It would be a rather difficult task to find another city where inhabitants are more proud of the ground they built their lives and homesteads on than Bristol. And you know what? Bristol is great. It has many amazing things other cities don’t have and with a record breaking low in unemployment and with its own infamous, international anti-things-public property-defacing artist, well, what’s not to love?

Precisely, so do most journalists think.

Most recently, it was named by The Sunday Times to be the best city to live in Britain.

That might be a surprise to a lot of people who have never visited Bristol before, but really, it’s no surprise at all if you have followed the media in recent years.

In February 2012 it was named the best place to live in…

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Save St Lukes Church

Though I have never been one to go and actively experience the art that St Lukes Church, or better known as the ‘bombed out church’, has bestowed upon me and my fellow “liverpudlians”.



I completely understand the need for this place to be maintained and not changed for the sake of corporate pleasure.


A few articles have been past around by The Echo explaining how the place is looking to be sold to a “local business” by the council.


Yet, is it not the council who may be at fault as seeing another reason to make profit from this?


I know of only two major gigs to have been played there one being The Kooks who apparently agreed that the venue is beautiful.


I am not one to consistently agree with that of Yoko Ono’s views yet her tweet or retweet of The Echo’s article on “Seven Reasons Why We Should Cherish St Luke’s Liverpool Bombed Out Church.” Left me realising that the woman has some sense.


The view in Liverpool is that of those who are proud of the foundations that generations before them had built and though ‘The Bombed Out Church’ as a spectacle wasn’t decided by people before us the actual story behind it is beautiful and tragic at the same time.


The obvious pound signs that are in the eyes of Joe Anderson are massive yet he needs to understand that, if he opened this place to public events more often he would probably make a lot more money.


This place needs to be preserved in all its beauty and architectural relevance.


Save the bombed out church and sign here:

VYNCE – April Showers

VYNCE – April Showers


Working hard montage music hasn’t been that easy to find since the release of Thin Lizzy’s Boys Are Back In Town.

Yet, “Merseyside” four-piece, VYNCE newest single April Showers begs to differ.

The beat in this song is similar to that, of how one who does not do manual labour would imagine, of the timing of beating a nail into a piece of wood.

It appears that VYNCE have decided to follow up a similar sound to The XX, after they have taken a hand full of well-needed anti-depressants (of course).

With the minimalist sound being adopted it is truly amazing how much this band have managed to do with two different hooks.

The main one being the guitar, but also the simple yet enjoyable lyrics of frontman Peter Pegasiou.

The main hook of the lyrics being in the middle-eight, “Do you love me? Do you love me?” – though it sounds like an adolescent female is an absolute delight to listen to, sang so very well too.

It is refreshing to hear an indie band writing songs that don’t leave you reaching for the dictionary every time your favourite part comes up.

Go enjoy their bashful leopard print aesthetics, here:

Jaws – Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

Jaws – Think Too Much, Feel Too Little

Jaws are back with their new single, Think Too Much, Feel Too Little.


And what a melodic return to make.

The band resting on their lethargic laurels with a nice slow but driven riff that could be likened to that of Miami by Foals.

Jaws usually have some form of an up beat chorus to really bring the song home yet, this song offers something very different.

It’s all very Californian Garage-band.

It could almost be a soundtrack to every coming-of-age film ever.

Much like the anticipation it raises for the album this song really makes you look forward to the summer.

Have a listen here:

The Kooks – Down

The Kooks – Down

After three years in hiding, The Kooks have finally released the lead single from their next album, Down.


With pretty much no advertising but changing their Facebook’s profile picture the night before it’s release, the song was featured as Zane Lowe’s hottest record of the year.


Though The Kooks haven’t really been nailed to a genre due to the constant change of members since their second album, Down, is definitely the most interesting sound they’ve offered up.


There is a certain desert rock feel about Down, you could imagine Walter White making love to this song after a long shift at the meth lab.


There is also an undeniable influence of blues there, with a mixture of Lovecats by The Cure.


It would not be The Kooks without some form of obvious indie influence now would it?  


Down is free to stream almost exclusively on the band’s own Soundcloud:


Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

There was no denying the fact that, Manchester Orchestra’s last album, Simple Math, was an interesting one.


Emotive lyrics about Andy Hull’s life truly presented us with an album of a man opening up.


With that came the success, and there was absolutely no denying them it due to how much quality that album actually was.


And with Pensacola still ringing in our ears, Manchester Orchestra have released the single Top Notch.


It’s interesting; this song is an exact mixture between what was Everything to Nothing and Simple Math.


There is an undeniable swagger about the guitar, it’s poppy but emotive, strong but shows Hull’s human weaknesses, lyrically speaking of course.


Also, Hull’s vocals are fantastic, the overdubbing of them was a master stroke as it some how manages to still make them more powerful.


As always it’s atmospheric too and this works both ways as it leads you to think what will the album be like?


And of course as a very self deprecating DIY band, Top Notch is in fact free to stream and download, here: