Insect Youth – Whale Belly

Music as a whole is an art, or at least perceived as one.


Yet occasionally a band will come up out of nowhere and give you something that neither soothes the soul or makes you upset but something that is quite thought provoking.


Enter Whale Belly.



A young band from London, Whale Belly were known as Hornets amidst the release of Insect Youth.


Regardless vocalist James Stelzer is still just as pissed off.


Due to the very nature of the band I refuse to give them a song-by-song review as I feel that would be too bureaucratic.


Insect Youth, however, begins, with the title track that has, something that sounds like a monologue from Michael Caine; “People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis! You can’t trust people Jeremy.” – this sets the tone for the album.


With metaphorical uses from Stelzer such as, “Try to stamp on the hornets nest. Feel the sting of a thousand pests” it is clear they as a band aren’t very happy.


Whale Belly to me seem like the middle-child of music.


If Justin Cyrus or Miley Bieber made such profound statements as that then somebody would turn around and listen.


The same would happen if Dave Grohl said that, someone would be like “Wow that’s awesome”.


Yet a third of punk, a third of emotional rock and a third post-hardcore band get completely over looked.


But maybe it’s just because Whale Belly are just as fucked up as the people they are pissed off with (In the nicest of ways of course).


All in all the EP is fantastic and a great success for DIY bands everywhere.


Go buy it and as they themselves would say, have a little cry and a little mosh.


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