6 women in indie music that you’d like to take to Nando’s.

So, my girlfriend has left me to on my own whilst she is in Eastern Europe for a week.

Seeing couples out on dates, being happy and generally mithering me with the exchanging of gifts and well, saliva, today especially, gave me an idea.

I thought to myself, what women in indie music would I like to take on a date?

Low and behold, here are 6 women that you would like to take to Nando’s or various other “first-date destinations”:

1. Annie Erin Clark (St. Vincent)

She’s just outrageously strange. Her best single has to be “Cruel” taken off of her third album “Strange Mercy” the sampling of that melody, along with the guitar riff makes me want to dance and hoover the floor at the same time. Not only can she write a good song she can damn sure play guitar.


2. Hannah Reid (London Grammar)

I don’t really like London Grammar, she just looks like the type of girl who likes Nando’s.


3. Kate Nash

Since the release of her first single “Foundations” Kate Nash has always been known for how pretty she is. Much like Annie Erin Clark she has now became outrageously strange. But at the same time, she is quite the cool gal, constantly rated highly in the contradictory “Cool list” created by the whizz kids down at the NME office.


Having been in a relationship with Ryan Jarman for some time (but recently broken up). Kate Nash could be considered the personification of an “Indie Cindie”.

4. The whole of Deap Valley

Any girl group sporting a similar sound to that of Jack White and subsequently, The White Stripes are just worth noting. Not only are they both enjoyable aesthetically but both amazing musicians. Songs such as “Gonna Make My Own Money” can be found on sound tracks to adverts from Lynx and TV programmes like Made in Chelsea.



5. Anna Prior (Metronomy)

She’s a drummer, which is cool, and little do a lot of people know, but she’s a fantastic singer. My knowledge on Metronomy is not massive but I saw them in Manchester on a NME awards tour (back in the day), she sang a song and I was very impressed.


6. Mariko Doi (Yuck)

I love Yuck, I like girls who play bass. It’s almost too stereotypical to enjoy the fact that a band clearly as hip as Yuck actually have an Asian chick playing the bass (It’s almost as if the same guy who wrote “Scott Pilgrim Vs The World” made this band, like got the group together and was like you four should totally make a band), it is indeed almost laughable. But it’s laughable to the point where you eventually turn around and think she’s actually hot. They just released their second album “Glow and Behold” go enjoy it, I did. 




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