Bombay Bicycle Club “So Long, See You Tomorrow”

Bombay Bicycle Club “So Long, See You Tomorrow”

Bombay Bicycle Club have just released their newest album “So Long See You Tomorrow”. With it being three years in the making this album was definitely the longest break they’ve had from recording.


Though, the band was recording in that time it has also been noted that lead singer Jack Steadman has been left to his own creative devices whilst gallivanting around this very spherical world.


This influence of other cultures comes clear in the opening 40 seconds of the album, as “Overdone” kicks in your given a very “Norwegian Wood” feel along with the use of some steel drums, for good measure of course.


About mid way through this opening song you’re given a very “Pure Imagination” (Yes that is a Willy Wonka reference) melody from a flute.


Lead Single from the album “Carry Me” is definitely that type of song that you have to listen to about four and a half times and question whether this is the same band who released “I Had The Blues and Shook Them Loose”, before you begin to enjoy it.


The use of bassy drums and a heavy use of some tenor saxophones this song could easily be mistaken for that of sir Derulo’s “Talk Dirty To Me”.


Yet, “Carry Me” grows on you infectiously, you get addicted.


Steadman’s vocal line in the middle-eight “If anybody wants to know, our love is getting old” is a OMG-imagine-this-at-a-festival kind of moment in the album.


Again the lead hook “You carry, you carry me” Simple, catchy and just brilliant.


Between lead single and the latter of the two “Luna”, you are given a very “Hey Jude” kind of vibe, it’s all just kind up in the air.


Until, “Luna” this single gives you exactly what you have been waiting for.


Classic Bombay Bicycle Club; infectious happiness.


Along with Steadman’s vocals: which I’m pretty sure you can hear his smile whilst he’s singing.


A guitar driven song with disjointed rhythms – it’s nice to see that though the band are amidst an obvious experimental evolutionary stage, they’re still reminiscent of their roots.


Just as you think the album is to begin to settle down the song “Feel” begins, again a heavily Bhangra influenced melody, even part-taking in the use of Indian instruments.


This one instance just sums up the whole album and is a great way to begin to bring the album to a close.


So Long See You Tomorrow” is yet another well crafted album from Bombay Bicycle Club. However, it’ obvious the band are no longer what they were when they first became. The use of samples, well, everything that isn’t a guitar is becoming their “thing” and this was foreseeable in the song “Shuffle” on their last album “A Different Kind of Fix”. It’s safe to say this album is a game changer for the future of Bombay Bicycle Club. As after all, It’s a lot for a band from Crouch End, London.


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