Jaws cover Foo Fighters classic

Jaws cover Foo Fighters classic

Jaws are currently in the middle of recording their long awaited debut album – which I personally think can’t come quickly enough.


Jaws are a band that have came out of the Birmingham music scene and have really been flying the flag for DIY bands this year having been so successful; playing Reading and Leeds and pretty much being Made in Chelsea’s soundtrack for the whole of this series, all off of their own back.


This band seem to be a gift that keeps on giving having now released a home recording of Foo Fighters’ classic: Everlong.


It’s unusual seeing a band with such a lethargic vibe like Jaws decide to cover such a song as Everlong, after all it’s hardly quiet or slow for that matter.


However, for Jaws this wasn’t a factor as they have made this song sound as emotive as it seems it was meant to be.


Connor Schofield’s slightly off beat vocals have always been a favourite of mine and it’s brilliant to hear that he has done this song some justice.


The heavy use of reverb on his vocals matching the guitars makes it sound so haunting it’s almost as if he’s been taking personal lessons from that guy in Bon Iver.


Their long-awaited debut is probably due for release next year. Until then enjoy this song and their other EP’s. 


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