Maximo Park – Brain Cells (New Release)

Maximo Park – Brain Cells (New Release)

Maximo Park; a band that have somewhat been living under a rock recently have release their newest song ‘Brain Cells’ which does nothing but emotively explain their time under there.

Maximo’s earlier releases such as; “Velocity”, “Going Missing” and “Girls Who Play Guitar” grabbed you by your bright red Doctor Martin boots and threw you onto the dance-floor in a nostalgic oh-this-chorus-has-one-line-I-know-this-song kind of way.

Yet, their new release shows a band that have, been there and done that whole indie-pop thing.

Brain Cell’s, starting with what could easily be mistaken for a bass-guitar line, strikingly appears to be a synth. This intro alone makes you wonder if you’re listening to the same band.

Enter, lead singer Paul Smith’s vocals whispering his lyrics over the synth line sounding lethargic and quite frankly depressed (he murmurs paranoia at one point!), picks up his pace when the beat fully comes in and he clearly wakes up.

The chorus begins and you really start to sit back and want to just pat the poor chap on the back and tell him everything’s going to get better. However, I personally find this change in mood quite refreshing, it’s nice to hear something completely different from a band that were known and wrongly categorised as an indie-pop “thing”. Ironically, I think Smith feels the same as he moans; “I wanted to try something different this time.”

All in all, it’s nice to see the boys and the hat return with something that makes you sway rather than jump.


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