Kings of Leon: an old dog with new tricks.

Though Kings of Leon’s latest album; “Mechanical Bull” has been in the public domain for some time now, it’s only now that it sounds like their best to come yet. With the lead single from the album, Supersoaker, offering what can only be considered their early stuff a flavour of their “newest” stuff and this is reflected in the way that their die-hard-anti-only by the night fans have reached an understanding with their more pro-only by the night fans. Demographics aside, Followill’s vocals absolutely make this track, lifting music that is in short quite basic much like their early stuff to a new level. He even makes flowery lyrics such as “I don’t mind sentimental girls, at times” sound mind-blowing and it’s safe to say that good old Caleb has never sounded as young as he does on this track, and album.


Another track on the album that shows Kings of Leon are feeling like a brand new pair of shoes is the song “Temples”. It’s safe to say that the boys have been enjoying some of The Cure (Just Like Heaven) and some Stereophonics (Dakota). The song even shows some immaturity in the sense that the opening riff is essentially the same as the intro riff in Supersoaker. Again, Caleb Followill sounds like he has had a considerably good sleep, stopped being a miserable sod and decided to be a bit happy about having a girlfriend (he even opens up a bit on the track aptly named “Wait For Me”).


The moral of the story that is Mechanical Bull is, after the album “Come Around Sundown” came out and everyone thought Kings of Leon were no longer worth half of the hype they’d after their earlier release “Only by the Night”, it was clear that the band were just growing and developing as they are now; an old dog with new tricks. I mean they are up beat, and skinny, again.



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