Birmingham – the new “B-Town”?

Peace, Swim Deep and Jaws are three bands that are recently leaving something of a remarkable footprint on what is the national music scene. But what is it exactly that is making Birmingham such a hub for new music of late? Even outside the “Indie” scene, and Birmingham as a whole; the likes of Wolf Alice are still benefiting even with a different geographical location.

This emergence or, quite frankly, overhaul of bands has led to Birmingham being recognised as the new “B-Town” a name that the bohemia paradise, Brighton, once lived by. Big Chelsea boots to fill ay?

Interestingly, this was all led by Harrison Koisser of Peace’s “gruff” vocals and leather (tasseled)-jacketed band of merry-men. A re-occurring theme throughout all of these bands from “B-Town” is their attitude towards the music industry that is; “If we get signed, we get signed.” This attitude has clearly led to, tried and proved succession as it has worked for Swim Deep and Jaws too, maybe this has attracted such interest from labels due to the fact that it is clear they are willing to do the job for nothing less than fun and fun alone. Not only are they taking us back to the 90’s with their heavy chorus effects on their guitars and ripped denim jeans but also re-approaching some traditional values in that it’s not just for the sake of “making a living” which is what a few younger musicians fail to understand.

With Peace clearly getting their foot in the door for labels to recognise Birmingham as a home for a new era of indie, it’s interesting to see other bands such as Wolf Alice (featured on Peace’s album), though not from Birmingham excel due to not only their irresistible talent, but due to their friendship with a couple of the B-Town faithful such as; Peace and Swim Deep. So if you want to be cool, take up the traits classically related to the “brummies”, chips and gravy anyone (in a brummie accent)?


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